Read Earl Pearson's Testimonial About How GNLD Helped His Disability !!!
Earl Pearson's story about how he used GNLD to deal with his Parkinson's Disease, emphysema, hypoglycemia and allergies.
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Earl Pearson's Testimonial !

Read How GNLD Helped Earl's Disability !!!

Earl Pearson's story about how he used GNLD to deal with his Parkinson's Disease, emphysema, hypoglycemia and allergies.

Below is an "archived" testimony we have had for some time.  It is a testimony from Earl Pearson, a long time GNLD (Neo-Life) distributor.  It is a great testimony telling what our basic product line can do to help in many instances.  Enjoy and share with your friends!
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Dear GNLD,

You asked me to tell you about my emphysema and what GNLD supplementation had done to improve my health.

As you know, I was placed on total disability following surgery which I had in August of 1955.  Because of Parkinson's Disease, emphysema, hypoglycemia and allergies, little hope was given for my recovery.

I was allergic to tridione, the medicine given me for Parkinson's Disease, and as a result I became practically blind.  I have had several heart attacks, the last one in 1971.

Thousands of dollars were spent for doctors, specialists and hospital bills.  My doctor found that I had emphysema in 1957, and soon after the Oregon Lung Association substantiated the fact.  They monitored my case until they discontinued that service.  On several occasions I was placed on the "Bird Lung Machine" to help me breathe.

I started using GNLD products in October of 1970.  I was on heavy medication and carried an oxygen tank in my car.

In 1974 the Lung Association, who examined me, stated that I was better than the year before.

In 1975, after my examination, the print-out from the Lung Association showed my breathing at 228% of what was expected from my past history.

In October 1976, following x-rays and a complete physical exam, my doctor stated that he could find no impairment in my lungs and to stop all medication.  I was afraid to, as I had previously experienced great difficulty in breathing when I missed my medicine.  However, I did stop all medication in October of 1976, and have not needed it since.

I travel, hike, jog and work in my garden.  My health is good and friends comment about my enthusiasm and vitality.  The same comments have been made about my wife, as she too has been on GNLD.  Health is precious and I marvel at so many people who question money spent for GNLD supplements, when I see how much money we have saved on medical bills, and feel so much better.

With meals my total daily GNLD intake was:

  1. Eliminate sugar, white flour, coffee.
  2. No smoking.
  3. Use little salt.
  4. Daily deep breathing.
  5. Daily bodily exercise is important.
  6. Drink plenty of pure water.

If you know anyone who wants to feel better, look better or have more energy, start them on this great GNLD program.  I think it retards aging, takes years off the face and adds them to your life.

Your friend,
Earl E. Pearson

P.S.  In August of 1981, when out of the United States, I was without my GNLD supplements for two weeks.  During that time my Parkinson's disease returned with my shaking and also chest problems.  I became very weak.  I returned home September 1, and resumed my supplements as listed above.  It took about six weeks for me to recover and I am now feeling fine, working in my garden and enjoying life with no complaints or limitations. (March 1984 at age 80)

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