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GNLD's Multi-Minerals with chelates and custom trace minerals provides a broad spectrum of bioavailable macrominerals and microminerals.   Read Earl Pearson's story about how he used GNLD to deal with his Parkinson's Disease, emphysema, hypoglycemia and allergies.

GNLD's Multi-Minerals with chelates and custom trace minerals provides a broad spectrum of bioavailable macrominerals and microminerals.   Read Jean's story about how she used GNLD to deal with her Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, & Macular Degeneration.

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photo of director Benedict testimonial

Mila & Rogelio Benedict,
photo of director Watson testimonial

Joanne Watson,
photo of director Wong testimonial

Cynthia & Jireh Wong
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photo of sapphire director Rodgers testimonial

Jesse & Rita Rodgers
Sapphire Director
photo of director Concepcion testimonial

Virginia Concepcion
photo of director Sanchez testimonial

Jose Luis Sanchez,
Emma Romero
Sapphire Directors
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From Chiropractors . . .

"As doctors, we're excited about providing our patients with the innovative products and education associated with carotenoids.  It's obvious to us, with all the scientific literature we read, that Golden Neo-Life Diamite's phytonutrient research is at the forefront of the nutritional field!"
-- Jeffrey Shefts, DC
-- and Carla Rudolph, DC

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From GNLD Sponsored Athletes with Disabilities . . .

Nick Sheeran has recently graduated as a doctor of chiropractic, ending seven years of study.  "Study and swimming has always been a balancing act for me, last year was much more academic.  However, I have still been training, and recently won an invitational Tauranga competition," he said.

Nick is New Zealand's champion butterfly swimmer, whose greatest achievements include representing New Zealand since 1996, and placing second at the Goodwill Games in 2002 as part of the World Team.  He also lists his greatest achievements as placing tenth in the World Championships in 1999, and qualifying for the Olympic 4x100-metre relay final at the Commonwealth Games in 2002.

Nick also added that GNLD's supplements assisted in his recuperation from surgery, and even his doctor was surprised at his rate of his recovery.  "I strongly believe that the GNLD products have aided in my recovery and allowed me to get back into training," he said.

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From Doctors . . .

Andre McDonald GNLD products testimony imageAs a medical doctor, Andre McDonald was skeptical when one of his patients showed him a product called "Tre-En-En," saying that it would increase his energy and make him fell better.  Like any good scientist, Dr. McDonald began to research Tre-en-en® and other GNLD products.  "If I'm going to use or recommend a product it has to be both safe and beneficial."  Dr. McDonald began taking Tre-En-En himself -- and immediately noticed an increase in his energy level!  He then began researching the science behind the product and was enormously impressed.  "I have never before found a company so willing to provide scientific literature.  I can stand before my medical colleagues and quote clinical studies supporting the use of these products.  This is very important to me."

Dr. McDonald's experience with GNLD has led to more than improved health.  He has bolstered his personal income and found joy in helping many others.  "While it took seven years for me to become a medical doctor, it has taken less than three years with GNLD to surpass my monthly salary as a doctor.  The GNLD opportunity is non-discriminating.  No matter what education or previous work experience someone has, they can experience financial liberation through this opportunity.  With GNLD you can choose your own destiny, write your own check -- even if you've previously been conditioned to work for others."

Dr. McDonald is also impressed by the fact that this is a business made successful by Distributors helping others to be successful.  "In what other business does someone want those they recruit to be more successful than themselves?  Everyone is motivated to help others.  A a doctor, I have touched the lives of many people over the years, but with GNLD, I can physically, mentally, and financially touch the lives of exponentially more people than I ever could as a doctor."

When asked if the future of his team looks bright, Dr. McDonald responds with Jamaican charm, "Without a shadow of a doubt."
-- Dr. Andre McDonald, Jamaica

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Betty's Testimony on Cholesterol . . .

"Hi all,

Just had a panel done of everything including Cholesterol numbers. I have never taken Crestor, Lipitor, or any of the other Statin drugs. I eat what I want to eat.

Total Cholesterol:  162
GOOD HDL's:  72
BAD LDL's:  79
My Risk Ratio is 2.2
Triglycerides:  83

The Whole Food Supplements from GNLD that are responsible for these incredibly good numbers are:

  • "Lipotropic Adjunct-Healthy Liver,Lowers bad LDL's-Helps prevent Plaque buildup."
  • "Salmon Oil Plus- Anti-Inflammatory-Makes arteries "slick" so plaque can't build up. Increases Good HDL's."
  • "Lecithin- An Emulsifier- Deals with Waxy blood cells."
  • "Flavonoid Complex- Anti-Inflammatory-Acts against "sticky" platelets-Helps walls of arteries not have fissues that lead to plaque build up-Instead of aspirin, more effective, with no side effects."
-- Betty Teuscher
(March 23, 2012)

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From Thornton, Colorado . . .

The GR2 Control Meal Replacement shakes are amazing!   I have already opened the 2nd can, because I am enjoying the sustained energy and weight loss this I providing.   I really enjoy having the shakes with a salad or some whole-grain bread and really making a meal out of it."
-- Rachel F ... Thornton, CO

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From Glendale, Arizona . . .

I love the GNLD products I am taking and actually feel alot better!!!!   I am off my pain/anti-inflammatory, and that is wonderful for me.   The pain is not there as much any more, and I am doing better!!!!   If I were to stop taking these things, I worry that everything will come back......   Sure is a great product!!!!!!!   I owe it all to you and your helping me!   Thank you so much again!!!!"
-- Deb Z ... Glendale, AZ

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From Key West . . .

For the past two weeks several of my compatriots who are younger than I have been "dying" of some sort of flu bug, just like me.  They are taking the whole gamut of stuff the doc's told them would make them feel like new ...... ha!   They are still in bed hacking away and barely able to move...taking all sorts of expensive antibiotics and cough stuff.  Now I don't want to be one to challenge the conventional wisdom of the shot doctors, but I decided to use the Chewable Vitamin C I got from you ...... 2000+ mg's every 4 hours or so and the Betagard® and Caratenoid Complex™ stuff ....... and I kid you not, in two days I am back to normal, or at least as normal as I will ever be ...... "
-- Ron ... Key West, FL

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Pro Vitality!
Cathy Fraizer GNLD TestimonialFollowing a bout with anemia last year,
I struggled with a compromised immune system.  All winter, I took antibiotics and steroids, trying to get over upper-respiratory infections, and finally ended up in the hospital with pneumonia.

(GNLD Senior Manager) Lani Meis brought me GNLD supplements.  After four months of taking Pro-Plan Vitality Packs, I saw a remarkable improvement in my health.

I tried cutting back on the supplements, but two weeks later, my lymph nodes were sore and enlarged - the first sign I am getting an infection.  Immediately, I started taking my Pro-Plan Vitality Packs.  The symptoms were completely gone in less than a week.

First I learned I needed the supplements to help me get better; now I've learned I need the supplements to stay better!
-- Cathy Fraizer, Senior Manager

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Lee and Susan Adams GNLD TestimonialSuccess At Home - Distributors Open New Doors to The GNLD Opportunity with Shake Parties!
Successful Distributors are always looking for new ways to open doors to introduce guests to GNLD products and opportunity.  Sapphire Directors, Lee and Susan Adams have found that the new GNLD Shake Parties are perfect for them, while Joe and Minda Junio use intimate meetings in their home to bring the GNLD Opportunity to new people.  Let's hear from these Distributors!

We first learned of the GNLD Shake Parties at the World Team Lifestyle Retreat in Puerto Rico.  Along with others on our team, we began hosting Shake Parties in January, and wow! - did they take off!  We have already hosted 8 parties and have 9 more booked!  First of all, we love inviting people to a "party" instead of a "meeting".  And experimenting with the different variations of the shakes is fun!  We try 5 or 6 different recipes each night.  After the first three shakes, we take a break, watch the Pro Vitality DVD, and discuss the GR2 Weight Control® Program and the income opportunity associated with our products.  We then try more shakes and finish off with signing guests up as new Distributors!  These parties have re-invigorated our team - especially members who have been Distributors for a while.  We have brought back fun and camaraderie to our team!
-- Lee and Susan Adams, Sapphire Directors

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In-Home Meetings, Shake Parties . . .

Joe and Minda Junio GNLD TestimonialsOur in-home meetings have changed our business dramatically!  Our team is having fun and a lot more success in signing up new Distributors and getting them started.  After all, this is a home-based business and everyone has a living room or kitchen that can be a comfortable and casual meeting place.  This way, people can get to know each other and ask questions without the potential intimidation of a large crowd or formal hotel setting.

If you want your business to grow, home meetings are definitely the way to go!
-- Joe and Minda Junio, 4 Ruby Directors

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From Madison, Alabama . . .

"I recently started on the Feel Better Program, and in just four days, I'm already sleeping more peacefully, waking up earlier, and getting through the day with noticeably more energy!  These GNLD products are great!"
-- Bob K ... Madison, AL

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"Right now I take Stress 30™ combined with Liver plus C™.  I drink Super Ease® Protein Shakes both before and especially after racing.  And I also take the antioxidants Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Carotenoid Complex, and Betagard.  I take Salmon Oil Plus™, because my joints feel better after a long race.  The bottom line is GNLD works!  Try it for yourself and see!"
-- Glen Winkel, U.S.A., 5-Time World Cycling Champion

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"Winning is a matter of hard work and good, solid nutrition, which GNLD helps us to achieve.  Optimum nutrition is making a big difference.  We've had very little downtime due to illness, have decreased joint soreness, and have bounced back faster following competition."
-- Ron Brant, U.S.A., Men's Olympics Gymnastics Coach

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"The U.S.A./VISA Decathlon Team has been using GNLD products since 1992.  We are very pleased with the vitamin supplements, especially the Tre-en-en® formula.  We're looking forward to successful summer games in Atlanta, and GNLD will be with us all the way!"
-- Harry Marra, USA/VISA Decathlon Team, Coach

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"At age 52, I developed hip, knee and shoulder problems. Thanks to Full Motion™, I now have full range of motion in my shoulder and no hip pain.  Plus, I've started running.  Now I can run 5K, and I'm currently training for a 10K run!"
-- Lynn

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"I work in construction, and I swing a hammer most days.  My shoulder hurts all the time.  I've taken other glucosamine products before, but they didn't work very well, and I was skeptical.  I was very surprised at the difference.  After 3-4 weeks on Full Motion™, my shoulder stopped hurting.  What a nice change to come home from work and be pain-free!"
-- Ross MacDonald

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"Eleven years ago, I suffered a life-altering motorcycle accident that crushed my ankle and nearly severed my foot.  I lost 80% of my mobility and needed painkillers every day.  Within days of starting on Full Motion™, I no longer began my day reaching for pain pills.  After several weeks, it no longer takes me 15 minutes to 'loosen up' my foot in the morning.  Now I can get out of bed ..... ready for my day!"
-- Deb Abbott

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