GNLD Neolife Vitamin Supplement Product Options for PREGNANCY
For Pregnancy, the end result of proper prenatal vitamin nutrition are a more comfortable pregnancy,
an easier delivery, a healthier baby and a greater chance of successfully nursing the baby.
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GNLD Product Options for PREGNANCY

All GNLD products are certified pure!!!

Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time but it can also be a stressful condition involving many physical and mental changes in the mother's body as the fetus develops.  Because of these changes, all nutritional needs of the mother increase.  Deficiency in certain nutrients is associated with an increased risk of fetal defects.  The end result of proper prenatal nutrition are a more comfortable pregnancy, an easier delivery, a healthier baby and a greater chance of successfully nursing the baby.

Reommended Foundation:

Tre-en-en® Grain Concentrates
Formula IV®
Tre-en-en provides the essential fatty acids (lipids) needed for healthy fetal size and development.
Very Important.
NouriShake® Protein is needed for hormones, tissue building and growth.  It is an important component of blood, heart, tendons, ligaments, brain, nerves and hair.  NouriShake helps sustain energy and a positive mental state.
Very Important.
Multi-Min™ Minerals Minerals help prevent fluid retention and sustain energy.  They are the building blocks of the body.  Minerals are needed for energy production, tissue manufacture, protein synthesis, cell duplication, growth, water balance and the immune system.

Very Important:

Vitamin B-Complex For morning sickness, energy, nerves, health and a positive emotional state.  Vitamin B is needed for fast growth times, to prevent birth defects and abnormalities and help prevent miscarriages.  It may help prevent stretch marks.
Chelated Cal-Mag® Extra calcium is needed for the bones, teeth, nerves and heart of both mother and baby.  Calcium helps avoid leg cramps, insomnia and nervousness, and helps to create a positive emotional state.

Magnesium is needed for muscle contraction, nerve action, making protein, producing energy and many enzyme actions.  It reduces the painful uterine contractions near the end of pregnancy.
Chelated Zinc™ Zinc protects against birth defects & reduces stretch marks.  Important for a strong immune system in the developing baby.  There's three times the risk of premature birth with a low zinc diet.
Carotenoid Complex™ A diet high in fruit and vegetables is associated with a lower incidence of birth defects.  On days when intake is less than the optimum 3 servings of fruit and 5 of vegetables, Carotenoid Complex provides one optimal serving in each capsule.  Carotenoid Complex improves circulation, reduces varicose veins and assists immune function.


Vitamin C
with bio-flavonoids
Helps prevent miscarriages and fluid/toxin retention, stretch marks and varicose veins, and may help reduce labor pain.  Vitamin C builds good bones and teeth, and improves connective tissue and skin tone.  Vitamin C helps with milk production.
Salmon Oil Plus™ Contains DHA - important for brain development and vision.  It contains EPA which helps keep blood pressure down, and it's good for the heart.  Salmon Oil's anti-inflammatory action helps joints, softens ligaments at delivery and reduces tearing by easing the intensity of contractions.
Vitamin E Complex Helps prevent miscarriage, stretch marks, varicose veins and fluid/toxin retention.  Vitamin E is important for the heart and helps the vaginal tissue expand for an easier birth.
Flavonoid Complex™ Prevents bleeding and bone demineralization, builds immunity and fights infection.  A diet high in fruits and vegetables is associated with a lower incidence of birth defects.  Supplement an inadequate diet with Flavonoid Complex!


BetaGard® For those on a restricted or tight budget, BetaGard, an antioxidant formula, does supply smaller amounts of several essential nutrients in one supplement.  Vitamin A (as beta carotene). Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium, and Chromium (which helps blood sugar emtabolism).
It may help overcome morning sickness.

Herbal Alternatives:

Feminine Herbal Complex™ May help the body regain a normal balance after using the birth control pill.  Can help regulate the ovulatory cycle.  Helps increase milk flow during lactation.  Especially helpful during the first three months of pregnancy and may help prevent miscarriages.  It can reduce the nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.

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