GNLD NeoLifeShake Weight Loss:  NeoLifeShake Meal Replacement Drink !!!
GNLD NeoLifeShake Meal Replacement Protein Shake provides controlled-calorie, optimum nutrition,
and our unique "glycemic edge" to promote good health and high energy while maximizing weight loss.
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fast facts about GNLD Neolife products buttonGNLD's NeolifeShake Meal Replacement Protein Shake controls glycemic response, which helps to minimize fat storage.neolifeshake emblem NeoLifeShake --
Weight Management

New Body -- Better Life!

A delicious and convenient way to help satisfy hunger while giving you lasting energy.  Based on the science of cellular nutrition & GR2 Control Technology for daily nutrition and weight management.
Each serving provides 18 grams of protein, all 22 amino acids critical for human nutrition.  GR2 (Glycemic Response) Control Technology helps minimize fat storage & promotes fat burning*.  Exclusive Protogard Process maximizes nutritional value of this high protein formula,packed with protective antioxidants from Neo-Plex Concentrate*

GNLD's NeolifeShake Meal Replacement Protein Shake controls glycemic response, which helps to minimize fat storage.Benefits of NeoLifeShake Meal Replacement Drink:

  • Proprietary blend of 18 grams high quality protein.
  • 5 grams of satisfying fiber.
  • Biologically complete with 22 amino acids and 25 vitamins and minerals.
  • No artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives added.
  • Mixes easily in water.
  • Only 160 calories.

Added Benefits:

Of course there is still the exclusive Protogard Process that protects the amino acids for maximum benefit; Multi Enzyme Blend made of plant-sourced digestive enzymes that help maximize absorption and utilization; Lipotropic factors that resist fat build up; and Neo Plex Concentrate—whole food, citrus fruit phytonutrient-rich extracts to promote antioxidant defenses in general and vitamin C utilization in particular.

Simply mix two level scoops in 8 fl. oz. ice cold water in a shaker or blender. Blend in a few ice cubes for an even thicker, frothier drink. Can also be mixed in milk.

Use as a meal replacement for weight management, or for delicious and healthy nutrition everyday.GNLD NeoLife Shake apple watermelon graphic

How Sweet It Is...Or Is It?

Naturally sweetened with fructose, which is a sweetener found in fruits and vegetables, the amount of fructose per serving is the same as you would get from an apple or slice of watermelon.  Fructose is a glycemic edge carbohydrate that is slowly metabolized by the body.  This is not to be confused with high fructose corn syrup, which is not used in any GNLD product.

As part of a healthy daily diet, fructose is an important carbohydrate.  Because its metabolic pathway through the body is different than other carbohydrates like sucrose or dextrose, it provides a more sustained or delayed energy contribution.  That means that unlike sucrose, which is metabolized quickly and can generate high blood glucose values and corresponding insulin production, fructose is metabolized more slowly and thus doesn't cause high blood glucose or high insulin response.  In energy terms, that's a good thing that tends to promote longer lasting carbohydrate energy following consumption to spare protein from being used for energy.

Finally, we have the list of what this product does not have -- which is equally important:
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No artificial colors
  • No preservatives
  • No genetically modified (GMO) ingredients
  • No gluten contributing ingredients
  • No cholesterol
  • No saturated fats
  • No hydrogenated fats/trans fats
  • 90% lactose free

NeoLifeShake is ideal for everyday nutrition for everyone (to have as breakfast along with Pro-Vitality Plus Pack) or those looking to lose some weight (by replacing 2 meals).  NeoLifeShake is appropriate for both Daily Nutrition and Weight Management.  You can keep using Thermogenic Enhancer and Appetite Reducer in a weight management program as before, simply substitute the GR2 Control® Meal Replacement Protein Shake with NeoLifeShake.

Exclusive "NeoLife Protein Blend"

This is a unique and exclusive proprietary blend of 4 powerful, whole food protein sources including soy protein isolate, non-fat dry milk, whey protein isolate, and calcium sodium caseinate.  Each source was chosen for its unique amino acid profile and high biological affinity for humans.  NeoLifeShake supplies 18g of the highest quality protein per serving and now incorporates whey protein.

Whereas in the past (15-20 years ago) we may not have considered whey as a viable source of protein in a GNLD product, because of what was available at that time.  Today there have been very significant scientific and technological improvements in the quality of whey protein and we found, after extensive searching, the only whey protein isolate that would meet our stringent criteria and the only one that the SAB would endorse that not only meets our protein quality expectations but actually exceeds it.

The proof is in the fact that the PDCAAS (Protein Digestion Corrected Amino Acid Score) for NeoLifeShake is 1.73.  PDCAAS is a measure of protein quality, where 1 is considered an 'excellent' score.  In comparison, GR2 Control Meal Replacement Protein Shakes are at 1.31.  This score shows that NeoLifeShake offers our highest quality protein product ever, and is also biologically complete with all 22 amino acids.

Whey protein isolate is particularly rich in specific protein components called "Branched-Chain Amino Acids" or BCAA's.  Three of the 22 amino acids involved in human nutrition, the BCAA's are Leucine, Iso-leucine and Valine.  They are particularly important in human protein nutrition because of the unique influences they have within our biochemistry.  Research has shown that they promote the production of energy within muscle tissue while at the same time promoting muscle retention and fighting muscle loss.

This is particularly important in weight management as it promotes fat loss and lean muscle retention. Muscles are the energy burning furnaces of the body so the more muscle you have the more energy you burn. It is also an important tool for building protein/amino acid reserves within the body to promote lifelong muscle structure and function and fighting age-related sarcopenia (muscle loss), which is becoming a bigger and bigger problem as the population at large is getting older.

Powerful Scientific Concepts

The ratio of protein:carbohydrate:fat is now even more metabolically balanced than GR2 Control Meal Replacement Protein Shakes, so if there were people who may have complained of headaches when they replaced two meals with the shakes and were on a restricted calorie diet, they are less likely to have that problem now.

All this has helped us retain the GR2 Control technology (you will find that called out on the front panel of the label) - but in addition to glycemic response control we are also tapping into the advantage of using the branched chain amino acids to promote lean muscle retention and fiber to help with the satiety signals.  These are three powerful scientific concepts that help people get quick and sustained energy and satiety everyday - or when they are on a weight management program.

It's Okay for Kids!

NeoLifeShake is OK for kids as well as adults to use for general nutrition every day.  It is a high quality protein source and a complete source of macronutrients (including fiber) and micronutrients (25 essential vitamins and minerals).  NeoLifeShake packs a powerful protein source for long-lasting energy but also supports normal growth and development.

Exclusive "NeoLife Fiber Blend"

This proprietary fiber blend not only provides 2.5X the fiber of our GR2 Control® Meal Replacement Protein Shake (5 times if you compare with current label), but it comes from a blend of whole food sources - oats, soy, and guar to promote the gut-brain cross talk that helps with satiety in addition to the heart health and digestion benefits.  This means that people who follow a weight loss regimen and incorporate NeoLifeShake into their program will feel fuller faster and longer.

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Enjoy TheseNeoLifeShake Recipes!

Here are some great recipes you can create with NeoLifeShake!
Each recipe yields one serving.
neolifeshake recipes
Fructose:  Do not confuse high-fructose corn syrup with naturally occurring fructose.  Whole-food sourced naturally occurring fructose won't stimulate the release of energy-robbing insulin.  The fructose contained within this product occurs naturally and is from the raw ingredients, we do not add fructose.  The amount present in each serving is less than one-ninth of the amount in a single serving of corn flakes.
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!!! Non-GMO soy !!!

GNLD recognized years ago that genetically modified soy has no place in the human food chain and we DO NOT use GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) soy protein for any of our products.

!!! Digestive Enzymes !!!

If nutrients are not fully digested, their absorption can be negatively affected.  All GNLD proteins contain plant-derived digestive enzymes to support optimal digestion of protein, fats and carbohydrates.

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